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Dragonsong Productions is proud to have been involved in every aspect of the audio post-production on the feature film, Haven's End from Blue Dusk Productions.  From dialog editing and ADR to sound design, mixing and even scoring:  We are responsible for every sound you hear in the film, and we hope you'll seek it out wherever you seek such thrills.

Thrillride Pictures

One of our favorite pieces of scoring is the PSA, Sanguino, from Thrillride Pictures, a silent film in the tradition of classic 20th century horror.  Rife with Theramin style melody and performed in real time to picture.  We had a blast making it, and hope you enjoy it!

A Thousand Word Pictures
Mad Roman Media

The funniest, and most heartfelt project we've been lucky to participate in comes in the form of the immensely entertaining and clever short film, Parked, from A Thousand Word Pictures and Mad Roman Media.  We are proud to have provided our ADR, sound design, music and mixing services to this award winning film.

Campbell Harrison

Admired among peers and fans for his illuminating storytelling and sticky melodies, singer-songwriter Campbell Harrison is naturally skilled at molding multiple genres into a style that’s both recognizable and very much his own. He’s able to take components of everything from swampy rock, to alt-country, to folk and indie pop, and create a sound he describes as “Neo-Americana”.

The Ides of June

The Ides of June are an Atlanta-based rock band whose sound has evolved into one that uniquely fuses blues, southern rock and funk. Heavy rhythms Indicative of 70s southern rock, dual lead guitarists coupling flawlessly with classic rock chops, electric keys and organ that thicken the band’s texture, powerful vocals and thunderous bass lines merge into what can only be the music of The Ides of June.

Alex Gannon

Alex Gannon developed his passion for music at a young age, inspired by the music of his father, Scott Gannon,  He lives and performs in Atlanta, where he earned a Master's Degree in music performance from Georgia State University.  His sound includes eclectic influences, 

covering genres such as classical, jazz, rock, blues and more.  Listen to "Drown" here.

The Ain't Sisters
Screen Shot 2024-05-21 at 11.48_edited.j

Some people call them "The Lesbian Ween", and they're OK with that. The Ain't Sisters, led by Barb Carbon and Arrie Bozeman, are an Atlanta band that is quickly becoming a regional phenomena.  The band produced two singles, "Heart", and "Horses" in The Dragon's Den, and are currently at work on a double-album, to be released in 2024. Listen to "Heart" here.

Gemini Method

Gemini Method is a down-and-dirty rock project that wears its influences like a patch on a denim jacket.  Driven by the guitars and vocals of David Lovell, Gemini method is a hard-charging, high-octane Rock & Roll sideshow of murder, deceit, betrayal and revenge. Listen to "The Orchid", available everywhere.


Omnivolver is really a pseudonym for Producer/Songwriter Ben Hernandez and drummer Butch Buckner.  Longtime friends and musical partners, the two combined forces to bring this track, "Broken Mirrors", to life.  It's a reflective piece about the dangers of clinging to the past.  With its electronic vibe, the song is wildly different from the usual guitar-driven rock the pair is accustomed to making, but that's what makes this track unique.

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